About Us

The ROO symbolizes protection in harsh conditions.

We chose the Kangaroo as our mascot and symbol because they are about protection above all else. In the harsh conditions of the Outback, they protect their young and survive against grueling obstacles. Strength, beauty and gracefulness can also be used to describe the kangaroo. They are tough, yet fleet-footed and well balanced creatures able to adapt to change, avoid danger and outrun predators.

As a company we need to adapt to fast changing conditions in our industry, avoid pitfalls and outperform the competition. Like the kangaroo, our cases are designed to be tough and protective.

ROOCASE produces widely acclaimed cases, bags and other protective accessories for modern mobile electronics such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops. ROOCASE focuses on unique, fashion conscientious and highly functional designs.

When you buy a ROOCASE, you are assured that you are buying a finely crafted, durable product which feature fashion forward designs, novel and practical innovations, and a customized fit. We have designs that will express your sense of style and still convey high functionality.

We stand behind every ROOCASE product with a limited lifetime warranty.