Roocase GOGO Program

A dollar doesn’t buy much these days, but keep adding a dollar to a pot and those dollars can buy hope, a chance and perhaps a brighter tomorrow.

roocase has been donating $1 for every roocase product we sell each month and using that money to present schools in the United States with new Tablets and Chromebook computers to help educate our children.

In addition to each dollar we put towards schools through this program, we also donate an additional dollars worth of technology back to any school that places an institutional order for roocase products. In other words, if a school buys roocase products, not only will a dollar be put into the general fund helping other schools, but the school making the purchase will also be entitled to a technology grant of tablets or Chromebooks based on the amount of roocase products they buy.

At roocase, we are committed to giving back to our communities and our children. We plan to give thousands of tablet and Chromebooks to hundreds of schools and it all begins with one dollar. So let’s GOGO, Get One to Give One.
As school funding gets cut, roocase believes companies should step forward and help fill that gap. We believe this as an investment in our future, an investment with limitless returns for generations to come. We want to work to make this dream into a reality and we’ve already begun. We choose to invest in our children.
When you buy a roocase product, you help us help others
If you own a roocase product, you already have. Spread the word and let others join in too.
roocase will contribute $1 for every case sold in a given month toward a fund that will be used to buy new tablet computers for a chosen school for academic purposes. The total amount will be based on the net total units sold per given month. Awarding of prizes may be delayed until accounting books are closed for a given month. Schools will be chosen each month from a pool of nominated schools. Nominations for schools can be made on the roocase website.

If no valid nominations are available in any given month, roocase may at its own discretion, choose to award the prize to a school of its own choosing.

Nominations will include a brief explanation of how the nominated school could use the award to most impact the education of the students of their school. Winners will be selected by a specially chosen committee at roocase. Nominations will remain active for 1 year each. Multiple nominations can be submitted for any particular school but only one can be selected for the awarding of a prize.

All submissions become property of roocase and Go Direct, Inc. and may be used for promotional purposes without any further consent from the person submitting the nomination or the school being nominated. No compensation will be paid for use of submissions in any advertising and/or promotions. Schools that are awarded prizes may be required to sign a release and acceptance of an award will be acknowledgement that the terms of the release are accepted.

Number of schools selected and number of tablets and chromebooks awarded to each school each month may vary from month to month and from school to school based on the number of roocase products sold and the needs and population of the school. There is no minimum or maximum number of tablets that will be given to a particular school in any given month.

Once a school has been chosen and awarded a prize, they are not eligible to win an award under this program again for at least 12 months except for prizes awarded for their institutions own purchase of cases.

Schools that are awarded technology grants based on institutional purchases they have made will be granted their award 30 days after the close of the sale upon which the grant is based. By accepting an award, the school and its staff are consenting to have their names and images used in possible promotions by roocase and Go Direct without any expectation of further compensation or acknowledgment.